6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity

Learn how to utilize the 6 Leadership Mindsets to make wiser decisions, communicate more effectively and become a more agile leader.

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What People Are Saying:

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    Jim Kouzes

    Co-author of The Leadership Challenge, and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

    This is fresh, insightful, and mind-expanding book that is based on sound research, in-depth case studies, and practical experience. It’s a breakthrough work with a unique perspective that will make you think differently about how you think.

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    Rob Kaiser

    President of Kaiser Leadership Solutions and author of The Leadership Versatility Index

    In this marvelous and timely book, Dr. Lippitt helps leaders navigate today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous operating environment with a framework creative enough to represent this complicated reality yet practical enough to guide them through it.

  • Jaynie L. Smith

    CEO, Smart Advantage and Author of Creating Competitive Advantage

    Mary Lippitt’s book busts some myths about leadership paradigms. She vividly explains with brilliant examples how mindsets and thought processes add up to much more for decision makers.

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What you will learn from this book?

This book gives you a mindset-based template so you can judge market trends and organizational needs more effectively. In short, by understanding and using six mindsets, you can get better at making brilliant decisions
  1. New Leadership Mindset: How to expand your leadership mindset in order to make brilliant decisions and avoid blunders.
  2. Practical Tools: How to examine your thinking patterns and leverage an inventory to gauge your current mindset.
  3. Make Wiser Choices: How to balance internal and external issues based on the past, present and future realities.
  4. Examine Thinking Patterns: How to identify which mindset enables you to effectively analyze the context of the business issue.
  5. Boost Team Effectiveness: How to analyze team strengths and avoid potential blind spots.
  6. Techniques to Gain Active Support and Influence Others: How to recognize each mindset in order to improve communication, align efforts and engage others to achieve goals.
  7. Mastering Communication Effectiveness: How to convey your message to your audience or teams.
Based on sixteen years of research with over 6,000 leaders, this leadership paradigm promotes nimbleness, unity and stellar achievement.

About The Author

Dr. Mary Lippitt is an award-winning author, founder of Enterprise Management Ltd and co-author with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy of Discover Your Inner Strengths: Cutting Edge Growth Strategies from the Industry’s Leading Experts.

Her work on leadership, and execution of change, has been featured in Leader to LeaderExecutive Excellence, The Journal of Business Strategy and Industry Week as well as in the popular press.

A hands-on practitioner as well as a researcher, Dr. Lippitt has developed of a number of leadership instruments, including the Leadership Spectrum Profile®, and its accompanying book, The Leadership Spectrum: 6 Business Priorities that Get Results, which won the Bronze award for Best Business Book of 2002. The Leadership Spectrum Profile® won the Human Resource Executive magazines’ Top Training Product Award. Other instruments Dr. Lippitt has developed include Bottom Line Persuasion: Results Focused Influencing™, Execution Priorities Inventory®, and Leadership Power Levers: Targeting Influence and Motivational Practice.™

Get a preview of the Leadership Spectrum Profile® in this FREE book chapter download.


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